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Brown County Middle School/High School Library

The Media Center is a resource center for students and faculty members. We have two library collections, one suitable for Middle School students and one for High School students. In addition, there are materials available for use by teachers. The library is staffed full-time by a library clerk who will assist students in checking out and returning books. Students are expected to return their books on time and be polite and respectful when speaking with the library staff. Parents will be required to pay a replacement fee for lost or damaged books.

High School students may check out books for four weeks and may renew those books once unless someone else has requested them. There is not a limit to the number of books that High School students may check out, as long as books are returned on time. Reference materials are not checked out to students, but students may request permission to have copies made in the MS workroom.

Students must have a pass to come to the library. Students not having a definite need for library materials should not come to the library. The library is not set up to function as a study hall, lounge, or detention center. Students without a purpose for being in the library will be instructed to return to class.

Students are not allowed to have candy, soda, food, or gum in the library at any time for any reason. Students with food, soda, candy, or gum will be asked to return to class.

The library’s computers are for research, not games. Students without a research need will be instructed to return to class. Students are NOT allowed to personalize the library’s computers at any time for any reason. A student’s library/computer privileges can and will be suspended for misconduct or abuse of the library or library materials.