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Brown County Elementary School Bell Schedule

Arrival-Departure Procedures

The school day begins at 8 a.m.


A.M. Pre-K Arrival

Bus students are dropped off at the front of the building and enter through the main entrance. If you are dropping children off, please park in the north parking lot near the gym, and walk your child into the building through the main entrance. Staff will be available to help your child get to the gym. Classrooms open at 8 a.m. so if you bring your child at 8 a.m., you may walk your child directly to their classroom at that time.


P.M Pre-K Arrival

Arrival is at 12 noon. Busses and parent drop-off are at the main entrance in the front of the building.


Kindergarten – 4th grade

Bus students are dropped off at the front of the building and enter through the main entrance. Students will go directly to the gym.


Students dropped off by a parent will be dropped off in the rear of the building. Please do not drop your child off prior to 7:30. Enter the lower/cafeteria side parking lot via the east drive from Lincoln Street/closest to the building. Please stay in your car and form a line. Once your child is safely on the sidewalk, proceed through the parking lot out of the west drive and turn right onto Lincoln Street to maintain the flow of traffic. Students will enter through the door near the playground and will go directly to the gym where they sit with their class. Staff will be on hand to assist.


Students eating breakfast at school will be released from the gym to go to the cafeteria and are to return to the gym when they finish eating.


Teachers will pick their classes up from the gym at 8 a.m. Any student arriving at or after 8 a.m. will need to be signed into the office. Students will then go to their classroom on their own.


Once students arrive at their school in the morning, they are not to leave school grounds until the end of the school day unless they secure the permission of the principal. Parents/guardians must sign students out of the office.


School dismisses at 3:00 p.m. Bells will ring at 2:55 p.m. to signal all students/teachers to leave the school building. Please do not arrive early to pick up your student. Pull all the way forward when entering the parking lot. A staff member will ask you which child(ren) you need and bring them to your vehicle. Stopping early causes delays in the pick-up line. Do not park and come and get your child. Remain in your car and wait in the pick-up line. The staff will gladly help get your students to your vehicles and help buckle them in. Do not park in the alley ways or on the side of the road. The Mt. Sterling Police Department will be patrolling the area and issuing warnings for those blocking the road. Middle School students do not arrive at the elementary school until after 3:00 p.m. If you are picking up a middle school student, it is best to wait until later to enter the pick-up line.