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I would like to extend a warm welcome to new and returning students, parents, and teachers! Together we will make this a very successful year. Good communication between the school and home is necessary to provide the best education possible. Call, write, or email the classroom teacher or the school office if you have questions about the handbook or other school matters.

The purpose of the handbook is to acquaint you with the rules and practices that will be used during the current school year. Many of the events and situations that will arise during the school year are covered in the handbook. Those rules and practices may be amended at any time by the Brown County Community Unit School District Board of Education and by the Brown County School District Administration, or as necessary to comply with changes in the law. Students and parents will be notified of changes in advance, except in the case of emergency. Students and parents are responsible for knowing the contents of the handbook. The handbook is not a contract and does not create any rights.

A critical component in the success of our students is parental and community involvement. We welcome and encourage the participation of parents and the community in the educational process. If you would like to join our district volunteer program, contact the Board of Education office. In addition, much information about our schools is available on our website at . This website is updated regularly and we encourage you to use it to keep up on school activities, contact faculty and staff. To access your student’s academic progress, the website is .

Have a great year and I look forward to working with you as the Brown County Elementary Principal!

Mrs. Sheffler


Pre-K – 4th Grade

Mission Statement

To provide an educational opportunity that will allow each student to develop those skills, understandings, and capacities which allow them, as graduates, to become productive and competent individuals and members of society.