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Important Updated Lunch Bill Information from Superintendent, Stan Adcock

December 3, 2012


Due to the current situation with high negative lunch account balances, the district will begin enforcing a maximum negative lunch account balance of -$25.00 beginning the first week of the second semester of this school year (January 7-11, 2013). At that time, once a child’s lunch account balance reaches -$25.00, the child will not be allowed to eat a hot lunch until the balance is paid in full. During that time, the child will be offered an alternative lunch of either peanut butter or cheese sandwich.


Because we understand that some families are struggling through difficult financial times, we will be informing the student as they go through the lunch line if their balance is getting close to the cutoff to give as much advance warning as possible. We will also be introducing an on-line payment method for either credit or debit card payment which will be accessible through our Skyward Parent Portal. This should allow easier method of payment for those of you who may not remember to send a check with your child. We will be sending out more information on how to access and complete that payment method in the coming weeks.




Finally, we also understand that financial situations do change through the years so if you have suffered a financial setback please be sure and let us know if you now qualify for either free or reduced lunch rates. Our school offices are happy to assist you with the paperwork completion if that is necessary.




Again, we apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.


Stan A. Adcock, Superintendent