Focus on Results works with schools to improve student performance and raise academic expectations.  Brown County Schools are in the fifth year of partnership with Focus on Results, a consulting firm that helps school districts meet the challenge of educating all students at high levels.

In Brown County Schools, seven areas of focus have been identified:

  • Identify and implement a school-wide instructional focus
  • Develop professional collaboration teams to improve teaching and learning
  • Identify, learn, and use effective research-based teaching practices
  • Create a targeted professional development plan with emphasis in selected best practices
  • Realign the district's resources to support the instructional focus
  • Engage families and the community in supporting the instructional focus
  • Develop interim testing measures to check student progress throughout the year

Each school has developed a focus statement to guide professional development and activities:

  • Brown County Elementary - "We Read.  We Think.  We Explain."
  • Brown County Middle School - "Read to Understand.  Write to be Understood."
  • Brown County High School - "Wonder and Read.  Think and Respond."

Funding for the Focus on Results program has been provided by the Tracy Family Foundation.

More information about Focus on Results can be obtained at


Brown County State Bank offers a Hornet Smart Award for students that exemplify concentrated effort and/or achievement in Academics. Click this link for more info: