Online Student Registration


Brown County School District Student Registration for 2016-2017 School Year






Brown County School District is offering online school registration for Kindergarten through 12th grade . All fees will need to be paid in full with a credit/debit card for registration to be complete and fully submitted. The cost of fees will be $10 less per student when registering online instead of in person. In-person registration can only be completed by visiting the school where the student will be attending for the 2016-17 school year during open office hours after August 8, 2016. Students who are entering Kindergarten through 4th grade will attend the BC Elementary School; students who are entering 5th-8th grade will attend the BC Middle School; and students who are entering 9th-12th grade will attend the BC High School.    


There will not be a “traditional school registration date/event.” Online registration is highly encouraged. A service fee of $10 per student will be assessed for each student not utilizing the online registration, but registering in person at their appropriate building office after August 8. The service fee is applied to those who register in person rather than online. Payment plans of 3, 6, or 9 months will be available to those who provide a blank voided check in order to set up electronic funds transfer payment. Without a voided, blank check to be utilized for the payment plan, payment will be expected in full with cash, check or credit card— WHEN NOT PAYING ONLINE WITH A CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD, DROP OFF OR MAIL TO THE SCHOOL OFFICE AT THE BUILDING YOUR STUDENT WILL BE ATTENDING OR THE DISTRICT OFFICE (503 NW Cross Street—back of Elementary Building enter through the green door) A BLANK, VOIDED CHECK for payment plan or full payment BY check or cash.


Convenient locations with internet access are Brown County Public Library and Mt. Sterling YMCA. Step by step instructions to perform the online registration are available HERE